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Family Regatta with Guest Speakers Gordie Bufton and Bradley Callow on Creating a Family Plan

Overview Part 1: Rich Legacy Family Workshop

  • Speakers: Bradley Callow – Former drug addict, teen misfit and mental & behavioral health executive who has worked with thousands of young adults, parents and therapists; Gordie Bufton – Former addict and college dropout, youth speaker and author, who has spoken with over 20,000 students in more than 80 schools.
  • Benefit from not only working together, but from other EO families as well
  • Create a Rich Legacy Family Plan (think business plan for your family)
  • Have a better understanding of others perspectives, especially your children’s
  • Learn the 5 Principles of a Rich Legacy used to address any family issue

And discover the following:

  • The importance of pausing and getting present
  • Creating teachable moments
  • The power of personal development within families
  • How to navigate the dangers and temptations of peer pressure
  • Plan to empower children with life skills for “success”

Overview Part 2: Racing on 12 meter sailing yachts

While leaving Newport Harbor the captain will introduce the crew, explain safety instructions, and tell about the boat’s history. Sailing techniques will be explained and positions will be assigned by the 12 Meter’s crew. Although the crew is always there to assist, your team will be grinding and trimming the sails, and even calling race tactics. It is essential for your team to work together in order to make the boat perform and ultimately WIN against the other EO families!

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